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I recently took a writing course about landing bigger bylines with Cheryl Maguire and Gina Rich of CMGR Writers. The class was super informative and inspired me to try pitching more national publications. I recommend this course to anyone dreaming of bigger bylines.

Cheryl and Gina have the experience to walk you through how to pitch and get published in national publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, AARP, National Geographic, Discover, Parents, WIRED, and more. They provide so many tips and offer up their secrets to breaking into these types of top media outlets. They are friendly and welcoming, and do a great job answering everyone’s questions and providing guidance on specific pitches. You will walk away with handouts and a step by step process on how to pitch. Come prepared with some draft pitches, and they will guide you to your next big byline.

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The seminar today was fantastic. It gave me so many ideas, so much useful advice and so much inspiration! I’ve been writing on a local and regional level for over ten years, but there seem to be “unwritten rules” for placing your work on the national level, and it can be really intimidating. Cheryl and Gina sharing their experience and advice made it much less so.

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